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How to trade with Daily Trading Plan

Everyday at SwatOptions, traders have what we called “Daily Trading Plan” a portfolio of 10-12 charts with key resistance and support levels that Swat is looking for possible trades.


The instructions how to use it are pretty simple and a resume is available here


On your right side, you have SPY chart with Aug.02, 2018 close and with levels to watch for Aug.03, 2018 given before market open.

On Aug.02, 2018, SPY (SP500 ETF) closed at 282.34 and Swat gave the following levels to watch for Aug.03, 2018 before market open.

R1 282.60 / R2 283.20 / R3 283.70

S1 282.00 / S2 281.50 / S3 280.70



So, now lets see how was the action on Aug.03, 2018.



On your right side, you have SPY chart including Aug.03, 2018.

On Aug.03, 2018, SPY open at 282.53 and for some minutes was curling around R1 level.

Finally decided to move above R1, so you go long above R1 282.60 (once resistance is broken, becomes now support).

Once you go long above R1, you look for next level R2 (in this case 283.20).

SPY hit 283.18 high on that first bounce. So Swat missed by 2cents (R2 283.20).

On first touch it pullback to re-test again 282.60 (don’t forget once resistance is broken, it becomes your new support, so all eyes on 282.60).

It tried to breakdown below 282.60 (hit 282.50) but immediately bounce back up –> bulls in control

So once the support was tested and held strongly, we go look to re-test R2 again and see if we break it this time.

R2 level was broken successfully, so we look for next level R3 at 283.70.

SPY slowly goes up and hit 283.66 high of day. So, Swat missed by 4cents (R3 level was 283.70).

This is one of many examples of how those levels can help you navigate almost perfectly those charts.

In conclusion, its very important to know your levels of support/resistance when you trading but if you don’t know how to get those levels, Swat will give it to you everyday before market open.


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