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Trade Alerts

Leverage up your trading

Receive professional Trade Alerts by keeping the good parts and taking out the noise!

Realtime Trade Alerts, Options Day Trading, Stocks Swing TradingFully detailed entries and exit points and all in one easy to use platform

The goal is empower traders with simple and easy alerts!

It’s not about sending a bunch of alerts!

It’s about to identify the best setups and ride the momentum with specific entries and exits!

See Realtime when our Trader opens/close a position instantly shared as soon as they are taken on broker (via our API Bot).

You will receive a fully detailed alert with:

  • Stock or Options Contract in detail (symbol, expiration date, strike and price)
  • When we start taking profits, we will send you Trim notifications so you take profits on the way
  • We will also let you know when we closed all position

Instantly fully detailed trade notifications when we open/close position.

Our Experienced Trader provide trading ideas for Stock Traders & Options Traders

Leverage up your trading with Options

  • Active traders looking for potential higher returns can leverage up their trades with weekly options.
  • Stock traders can leverage up positions by adding options contracts

No time for daytrading? No problem!

Audio Squawk

Listen to a professional trader as he is taking his trades real-time and he share his thoughts. 

Trade with a Plan

Get your trading plan for the day, with several trade ideas, charts, and encouragement throughout the day.

Daily Routine

Improve your trading skills as you learn from a professional trader how to build your trading plan for the day with specific entries and exits


Audio Trade Alerts

Instantly audio trade notifications when we open/close position

Smart Money

Audio notifications on Sweeps, Blocks, Unusual Options Activity and all the smart money footprints

Realtime Trading

Follow professional trader key strategies in realtime, every day of the week. Hear what he's thinking as he puts on trades.

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Live Audio Streaming

Take a deep dive into Trading

Hosted by Swat, our Live Trading is a live streamed audio session where you can hear from an professional trader as he approachs the market LIVE.

Whether you’re a fundamentals or technical trader, you’ll come out of each session having learnt something new to help improve your trading strategy and give you more confidence than ever to trade the markets with confidence.

Education is the backbone of every successful trader and nothing beats catching an professional trader trade real world markets in real time.

Live Audio Streaming is one of the best ways to catch the moves faster and learn from those who have spent years to get to the top of their game

You don't want to miss this!

Our interface puts you side by side with a Professional Trader and our incredible community!

Listen to professional trader as he takes trades live, comments on the market and talks about stocks he is watching.

Live Audio Streaming is available via Discord

Enter inside a Professional Trader daily routine starting with morning preparation and trade execution during the day

A classic technical trader who prefers shorter timeframes will take you on a journey across markets and show you how he identifies his ideal setup.

You will learn:

  • How develope unique trading strategies
  • The unique process for finding an edge
  • What tools and indicators to use

At Live Audio Streaming, you’ll hear different strategies, different objectives, different tips and setups, but they all share one goal in common: to help you get closer to a strategy unique to you and help you move forward as a trader.

“Where you want to be is always in control, never wishing, always trading, and always, first and foremost protecting your butt.”
– Paul Tudor Jones

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Trade Alert Discord Channels
Live Audio Streaming
Unlimited Stock Trade Alerts
Unlimited Options Trade Alerts
Unusual Optons Activity
From Monday to Friday
Auto-Recurring (Cancel Anytime)

One Year

$ 1,500
ALL Premium Features
Trading Course ($299 value)
2 Months Free ($300 value)
One-Time Payment
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I started trading in 2008, going from stocks under $5, to penny stocks and into options.

Since 2009, I have focused on Options Trading and in 2010 built up a SwatOptions trading community!

More than 14+ years, 30,000+ hours trading and trying to help traders around the World!

I combine Technical Analysis with Options Flow Analysis!

My love and passion from trading keeps me moving forward and working on my craft everyday!



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