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Trading Journal #141

Wednesday, Mar.29, 2023 – Trading Journal   Started the day right at 9:30am buying AMZN Calls and locked +80% gains. After that, got some cash flow with IWM Calls but took gains a bit too soon. After 10am,  faded QQQ with PUT scalp and locked 60% gains. As market was…

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How to Deal with Market Volatility

  How to Deal with Market volatility refers to manage the degree of variation in the price of an asset or security over a period of time. Volatility is a measure of how much the price of an asset fluctuates, and is often used to indicate the level of risk…

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Trading Journal #140

Tuesday, Mar.28, 2023 – Trading Journal   Started the day fading IWM and trade reversed up so closed the shorts for -15% and flipped into IWM Calls and locked +50% gains that more than paid short loss. After 9:40am, tried some bounces on AAPL AMZN IWM TSLA but no momentum…

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Trading Journal #139

Monday, Mar.27, 2023 – Trading Journal   Started the day with some gains on AMZN and AAPL Calls but momentum faded and locked my +40% gains. After 10am, momentum stalled and I got short Tech buying QQQ Puts that gave me the cash flow for the day. Locked  QQQ Puts 312 for 80% gains but they…

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Trading Journal #138

Friday, Mar.24, 2023 – Trading Journal   Started the day with some nice gains on META but momentum faded and locked my +60% gains. I was a little bit over the place but got some cash flow with AAPL Calls +100% and TSLA Calls +50%. From 10:30 to 11:30, I got…

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Trading Journal #137

Thursday, Mar.23, 2023 – Trading Journal   Gains: Started the day with big gaps on COIN short at 84+ yesterday and closed +50% position premarket at 61s. After that I was a little bit all over the place and got some stops hit. Got my cash flow from AMZN NVDA…

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