Trade Alert

See Realtime when our Head Trader opens/close a position instantly shared as soon as they are taken on broker (via our API Bot).


Unusual Options Activity

We track sweeps, blocks, unusual options flow to reveal the smart money footprints that trigger big stock moves

Trading related notes

We will cover comments or explanations on trades, market conditions, technical analysis, risk management strategies, prime stock setups and much more




Swat starts trading on 2008, going from stocks under $5, to penny stocks and into options.

Since 2009, Swat focus on Options Trading and on 2010 built up a SwatOptions trading community!

More than 12+ years, 30,000+ hours trading and trying to help traders around the World!

Swat combines Technical Analysis with Options Flow Analysis!

Our love and passion from trading, keep us moving forward!

plus Years
plus hours per year
% Transparency
On each trade

Our Premium

Trade Alerts

Instantly fully detailed trade notifications when we open/close position

Stock Charts

Stocks to Watch and trading plan for each stock given by technical analyst with 12+ years experience

Smart Money

Track Sweeps, Blocks, Unusual Options Activity and all the smart money footprints

Trade Ideas

Either you are Stock Trader, Options Trader or Swing Long Trader,  get your trade ideas with us

Multi Platforms

Our Discord channels are available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

One Click Instal

Pick your service, Set everything up in minutes and enjoy your trading boost.

New Signups will be available on Aug.09, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Every time, Swat open, closes or take profits on any position, you will be instantly notified via our Broker API Bot.

We are also monitoring options flow and will notify you once we see relevant or Unusual Options Activity that can trigger a trade.

#Day-Trades: Our bot is connected to Swat broker’s account and every time he buys/sells anything, our bot notifies instantly on this channel

#Long-Term-Trades: like the name says, its ideas for Long Term trades that can take days, weeks or months. Can be both stock or options longer term trades. The perfect channel for all traders get ideas for longer timeframes

#Lotto-Trades: like the name says, its ideas for trades like Scalps (can take few minutes or hours, but usuallly intraday) and Lotto trades (small $200-300 bets that can work for some hours, days or weeks). The perfect channel for all traders get ideas for the next trade

#Unusual-Options-Activity: hand picked by Swat, relevant options flow, blocks, sweepes or unusual options activity notifications

#Stock-Charts: Daily Stock Watchlist with Trading Plan for the day

Our bot is connected to Swat broker’s account and every time he buys/sells anything, our bot notifies instantly on #Day-Trade-Alerts channel with:

  • Long: means Swat bought to open those contracts or shares
  • Short: means Swat sold to open those contracts or shares
  • Sold or Trim: means Swat is closing position

We trade from 9:30am to 4pm (New York time) and from Monday to Thursday. (no trade notifications on Friday)

We provide alerts for traders that trade Stocks or Options.

Whatever your trading style, you can trade straight Calls/Puts or Long/Short Stock based on information we provide.

No, you do not need a 25k Margin Account for day trading with us!

We suggest you contact your broker and ask for a Cash Account.

Wish a Cash Account, you can day trade as much as you want and while have cash on account with no limitations.

There is no minimum cash required to trade stocks, options or any alert.

As suggestion, we recommend $5-10k cash account but always implementing risk management strategies.

Yes, you can cancel service at any moment, by Login on site, go to My Account, go to My Memberships, select service and Cancel. Your service will keep running for remaining days and will expire at end of period.

You can read our Terms of Service here


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