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Bootcamp started on Jan.18, 2022 and takes 6 weeks!

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6-WEEK program with daily content to improve your trading skills

  • 700+ minutes of On-Demand collection with absolute best trading strategies
  • Exclusive trading setups that have been making money for years
  • Trading Mentor will guide you during 4-weeks on live sessions (screenshare, audio and chat
  • One Very Special bonus on "Professional Trader's Mindset"
  • Get into professional trader Daily Routine following Morning Calls and Live Sessions
  • Designed for Stock or/and Options traders
  • LIFETIME access to all educational materials (courses, webinars and live trading sessions)! That's right! One-Time payment gives you access to trading educational materials for life!

This Trading Bootcamp has put together the best tips and strategies from a Professional Trader with more than 14 years trading experience

We did the work for you!

And you get a detailed, actionable trading plan and how to look into the markets with more confidence going forward.

Plus, we are not just sharing top strategies...

We also want to help you become a better trader, so thats why this bootcamp includes Live Mentoring Sessions with in-depth analysis on:

  • Moving averages & trend analysis
  • Support and Resistance Zones
  • Reversal Buy and Sell Setups
  • Risk Management strategies
  • Trading Psychology

And more!

Bootcamp Curriculum

Phase 1 (Day 1 to 12)


During this stage, you will have One Lesson available per day @ 4pmYou will learn the fundamentals of trading so you can improve your trading foundations.

You will start with the basics introductory lessons and after that, transition into day trading strategies and then setups to swing trading.

  • Day 1 - How to Build a Chart
  • Day 2 - Support and Resistance
  • Day 3 - How to Build Watchlist
  • Day 4 - Reversal Buy Strategy
  • Day 5 - Reversal Sell Strategy
  • Day 6 - Exhaustion Setup
  • Day 7 - Trending Trading
  • Day 8 - Options Basics
  • Day 9 - Trading Options Flow
  • Day 10 - Gamma Squeeze
  • Day 11 - Risk Management
  • Day 12 - Trader Mindset

These daily lessons are recorded and will be available to review anytime.


Phase 2 (4 weeks)


After phase 1 is completed, it is now time to take what you learned and start working on your craft everyday!

DAILY TRADING PLAN (from Monday to Friday before market open)

On video will all Morning Routine and a trading plan for the day!

So now you will build an watchlist and trading plan for the day!


From Monday to Friday,  you will get in touch with a professional trader, see his screen, hear his updates on market conditions, review the "Why's" he took some of the trades and Chat with your mentor so he can help improve your trading skills!

During these events you will see and hear your mentor thoughts while he is placing the trades so no better way to see a Professional Trader in action!


Live Mentoring Sessions include Screenshare, Audio and Chat so you interact with your Mentor on daily basis.


This is a 6-WEEK Trading Bootcamp but we are constantly improving our course materials to provide you with up-to-date strategies so we will have more events in future.

So once you join this Trading Bootcamp, you will have LIFETIME ACCESS on all new educational materials, courses, webinars, live sessions or other educational events for no additional cost!


Change your life and become a better trader


One-Time Payment
6-Weeks Trading Bootcamp
12-Days On-Demand Course
4-weeks Live Mentoring
All past events recordings
Lifetime Access to All Educational Materials

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Questions You Should Be Asking Now

Yes, of course! Our bootcamp was designed to take someone who has never traded before into a trader. The first classes will provide you the foundations and basics of trading and you get the more advanced trading content in later classes. But ALL by keeping it very very simple!

Lifetime Membership, means you will have access to all educational materials (courses, webinars, live events or any other educational material) for life and for no additional cost.

Yes! All bootcamp customers get life-time access to our BootCamps, meaning you can come back whenever you want for no additional cost!

Yes! All sessions and courses are recorded so you can easily catch up by watching the recording on your bootcamp member page whenever you want.

Yes, you can join because Bootcamp its for all traders either current members or not.

All the courses are one-time payment and designed for serious, passionate traders that have big goals for the future, so Bootcamp does NOT have any reccurency plan, no need to cancel because no more charges will be made in future!





Starts trading on 2008, going from stocks under $5, to penny stocks and into options.

Since 2009, this trader focus on Options Trading and on 2010 built up a trading community!

More than 14+ years, 30,000+ hours trading and trying to help traders around the World!

He combines Technical Analysis with Options Flow Analysis!

"Our love and passion from trading, keep us moving forward!"

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