Good morning


I hope to find you well and having a great weekend!

Its been some time since I personally sent you a message, but I believe now it’s the time!

Why now? Well no special reason, but SwatOptions makes 10 years this month since we launched on Feb.2010 and I believe its a good time to review the last decade and prepare this new decade we have ahead!

For the last 10 years, I have met thousands of traders and my goal has been always to help each trader to be successfull and achieve their goals on trading.

Sometimes I was able to do it, sometimes I was not! Sometimes I was loved, sometimes I was hated!

It’s normal and I deal with those up and downs as part of life! Life is never easy and never will be! So as trading!

I always tried my very best to help everyone and if in the end I was not able to make traders happy, I keep working hard everyday to try be the best I can to help everyone. 

I learn everyday with each trader for the last 10 years and I personally thank you for that!


For the last couple of years, something I heard the most was: “how”, “why”, “what”.

  • “How do you set your charts?”
  • “How do you set your stops?”
  • “Why did you decide make the trade?”
  • “Whats the reasons to make you buy that stock or options?”
  • And so on….


I have lost the count to thousands of emails I received over the last 10 years asking me how to do it! I always tried to help the best I could via email, but sometimes not easy to reply all with complete and best answers.

So, since last quarter 2019, I have been thinking on how could I change that… how can I help even more… how to share my knowledge and what I learn over the last 12 years in trading… how to do it…

With this in mind, I decided to focus on something: trading is my passion and I will keep doing it but I want to focus on helping traders.

So I set my goal for this next decade: I will help traders by sharing my knowledge, my analysis, my research, my technical analysis, my risk management, my reports and more. Share with you and the world what I learn, how I view the market and hopefully help YOU on your own trading!

To achieve this goal, I decided to create a new section for us: Swat Research – a kind of private blog where I can share my overall market analysis, my market model, my technical analysis, my case studies, my charts, my risk management, etc

So its with great pleasure I introduce and invite you to check Swat Research at

For the last couple of days, I have been trying to add reports and content into the site but it will take time and patience to build up all the materials I want.

From now on, I will continue adding my reports, new educational materials to basically help you on the “how to fish” on these turbulent markets the best as possible!

Upcoming new materials I will be focusing and adding to Swat Research will focus on how I set my charts, how I look for my support/resistance levels, how I define my risk management, how I build my watchlist and many more will come!

It will take time but we have plenty of time… So I ask for your patience while I create those new materials!

This new project is for this new decade with the goal to help traders! Help YOU!


I also have been away from Twitter last couple of weeks… 

My apologies for that but I need to focus on helping Swat Team at SwatOptions App and take the extra time to focus on my trading, my life and my goals so I had to step aside from social networks.

But I received lots of requests to return to Twitter and considering my goal for this decade is to help traders even more, I decided I will get back sharing my thoughts on Twitter!


It’s been great working with several traders for the past decade and I trully hope with Swat Research site, I am able to help YOU and even more traders in this new decade!


Wish you a great weekend for you and family!


Be happy trading!

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