Hi trader

Hope to find you well!
This last week, I had a sore throat that affected my vocal cords and basically put me with no voice!
For a person that has been talking everyday during trading, that becomes a challenge so I decided to open a channel on Discord where I could chat with our traders.
And that’s exactly the moment when something hit me hard!!
This simple action of opening a chat, brought me back into the past and how everything started!
It was Jan. 2010 and I was trading options with some traders on a forum and they asked me if I wouldn’t like to create a chatroom where we could talk and share our trades! I accepted the challenge and opened a simple chatroom on Skype! That was in Feb. 2010 and I called it Swat Trading Family! That was basically the origin of Swat Options: a bunch of traders inside a Skype chat room sharing their ideas, news and helping each other make some money trading.
Over the years things evolved, new technology and software appeared, more features, more “gadgets”, more addons and I tried to upgrade the features giving more to our traders community.
But now after 13 years, I realized that we are missing the point: it’s not if you get the alert on Twitter or Telegram! It’s how we can help each other grow as individuals and as Traders! We can add a bunch of gadgets but we keep missing the point: we are stronger as a Team rather than as individuals! The feelings and emotions felt on that Skype chat room with a bunch of rookies (me included) was unbelievable! And this week, after I clicked on Discord to create a chatroom, all those feelings and emotions came back to my mind!
So, this week I decided to go “Back to the Origins”… back to that special place that I called “home” where I could find my “ trading family” everyday!
From this moment on, my focus will go to that chatroom! We continue to have Twitter and Telegram for alerts but where I will spend most time and dedication is on that Discord chatroom trying to help anyone that wants!
I grew up as a trader coming from a rookie in 2010 into a professional trader thanks to all the collective wisdom, the support and belief from other traders throwing out ideas but most important of all, pushing up my limits as a trader and giving me motivation to keep going one more day over and over again.
For those that are still trading with me since those days, a Big “Thank You” for everything!
For those that were not present on those days, I leave the door open if you want to learn, or if you want to contribute to help our traders community, please drop us a line on Chatroom as you are already welcome and part of our Trading Family!


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