Hello everyone

I hope to find you well!

Going to start by talking a little bit about my history!
I started trading in 2008, first stocks, then penny stocks, then options and since then I’ve been focused on options.
I created Swat Options in Feb.2010 with the goal to help other traders make money and help them to know how to trade.
In 2010, I started with a chat on Skype moving into a site with a chat.
Then, people started asking to move alerts into Twitter, and I did it.
Then, people started asking for a dedicated App where they can see my positions and get mobile notifications. I built the app.
Then, people started asking to move into telegram, because it was fastest on alerting and I did it.
Then, people started asking to move to Discord, because it was the “hot app” for communication. And I did it. Created a bunch of channels.
Then, people started asking to add Live Stream, and I did it.
And the last one, people start asking for Voice Alerts, and I did it!

14 years have gone and what is the conclusion??? People are never fully satisfied! It must be the “disease” of the century and no one talks about it!

Thank God, I have some traders with me since 2010 and I’m very proud of the work and results we have been achieving together!

But after more than 14 years trying to add all the fu… addons people were asking, I’m tired! Enough is enough!

14 years have gone by and people still didn’t realize that the problem is not if you have the alerts on time, if you have the latest communication app, or whatever…
The problem continues to be, people never fully satisfied, people are lazy, people don’t put in the work, people don’t know how to trade, people don’t take accountability on their things and want babysitting during trading!
Well, but I’m a trader, NOT a babysitter!
I’ve been trading for more than 15+ years, everyday and I’m here to help other traders but not babysitting!

In the last 14+ years, I have dealt with a lot of haters, copycats trying to copy my trades, people trying to bring me down saying I don’t take real trades, but why the fu…. are copycats trying to copy my trades??? Because those trades are good! This world is a mess!! But hey, a word for haters: I don’t give a fu… I know, I’m a good trader, not perfect (no one is), but a good trader! So haters, keep hating and I’ll keep working on my craft everyday as always!

I’m here for the traders that really like to trade, are responsible and take accountability on their own decisions!
I’m here for the traders that really want to learn and try to succeed in trading!
I’m here for all the traders that have been with me since that Skype chatroom back in 2010!
I’m here for you!

So, after 14+ years with Swat Options, I’m going back to the origins… back to that Swat Trading family we built on that chat!

Here is the list of changes we are making at Swat Options

  • New #swat-channel where you get all my posts, options flow and ideas. Starting today, I will send an alert when I see a potential good trade! I’m not going to say to buy or sell anything! From the alert, each trader takes the decision to enter or not in trade and when to exit. I’m a day trader by nature and my day trading and scalping decisions have been limiting traders to ride trades longer when I’m only scalping it, so now you are free to enter and exit whenever you want. I suggest you read my risk-management channel.
  • Options Flow: Many traders, may like this as I will share on #Swat-channel swing longer term options flow activity that you can participate in.
  • New #members-chatroom where all traders can chat but only trading related topics allowed. You can ask questions and I will try my best to help our traders community. You can share your thoughts and trading ideas. I’m not the smartest guy in the room and if we all share what we are seeing in the markets, higher probabilities of success for all!
  • Live-Stream channel where you see live time and sales with the options contracts that I’m talking about. I’m tired of haters saying prices mentioned are not true! First, I don’t care what haters think! Second, you watch the fu… live stream and you see the prices real time!
  • Voice-Alerts channel, where you get audio alerts on what I post

So, as a summary, you now have: live stream, voice alerts, options flow, stock, options, my chart analysis and members chatroom.

Traders with difficulties in scalping options can take advantage of alerts on stocks or options flow with longer options expiration that you can participate in depending on your time horizon.

Traders can follow a live stream to see my screens and have voice alerts to hear alerts so you don’t spend time on reading. It helps a lot for faster execution.

I know the value of all our traders community! We are not perfect, but we are good… really good actually!

If you are already in Team, let’s keep up the good work and lets try to find the next multi bagger trade.

If you are not in the Team, but if you want to put in the work, be responsible, accountable for your trading decisions and want to learn more about trading, I’ll be happy to help with all my heart and strength!

Wish you all a great day and see you in chat!


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