Friday, Jul.14, 2023 | Options Trading | Daily Journal


|9:30am-10:00am| Started the day buying the dip on AMD and TSLA with Calls following yesterday action and trading plan. Locked AMD Calls +150% gains and TSLA Calls +80% gains on trading room . Closed AMD way too soon as stock ripped into 122+ but I was riding long stock from yesterday at 114.9 and sold all at 122+.

|10:00am-11:00am| After the morning run, scalped shorts with SPY Puts for +120% gains on trading room 

|End of Day resume| It was a great AMD TSLA trades following premarket plan on trading room and ride it well for massive gains as I was holding stock and Calls. The trading plan to scalp some shorts also work well and gave some extra cash flow. I’m very happy with my risk management, trading plan, focus and resilience. Need to keep my focus and repeat the process over and over again!


|Options Trades Log|

9:30AM – TSLA Jul 14 $280 Calls from 1.15 to 2.1 for 845$ PnL*
9:36AM – AMD Jul 14 $116 Calls from 0.88 to 2.2 for 1439$ PnL*
9:49AM – SPY Jul 14 $451 Puts from 0.9 to 0.8 for -124$ PnL*
9:59AM – SPY Jul 14 $451 Puts from 0.85 to 1 for 166$ PnL*
10:22AM – IWM Jul 14 $191 Calls from 0.9 to 0.8 for -124$ PnL*
10:25AM – SPY Jul 14 $451 Puts from 0.75 to 1.65 for 1155$ PnL*

|Today PnL*| +3,357$ gains


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This trading journal is a log of all the options trades made. It is a tool that I use to track my progress and improve my trading strategies over time. I use this information to analyze my trading performance, identify patterns, and improve my decision-making processes. By keeping a trading journal, I can learn from my successes and mistakes, and make better trading decisions in the future. You can use other tools for journal as TraderSync , Tradervue or Excel

*Content is provided for informational purposes only considering average $1,000 per trade.
Comissions already included: $0.60 per contract, per trade. All entries and exits are timestamped realtime via Discord Bot. Traders can have different Entries, Exits, Dollar Amount, Risk management and Comissions.

You can find all my journals on BlogPast historical data is no guarantee on future returns