08:41 am: “Futures red giving some follow through to FED reverse down on Wednesday. Market is oversold, so shorts should trim profits on the way and adjust stops to cap gains. 

08:33 am: “Morning focus on most tech stocks that are gapping down and see if able to hold the opening print and bounce to fill the morning gap OR fade lower into new weekly/monthly lows.

Morning Trades:  I started the day looking for an oversold bounce on Semi’s as they were very oversold so I took AMD Calls for nice quick +50% gains so I locked my profits. I also took GOOGL MSFT TLT Calls for nice cash flow, but Broker API crashed and notifications didn’t hit Discord, so I’m not counting with those.

Losses review:  I took my gains fast, so I didn’t hit any stops.

Key Takeaways: When you don’t have the right mindset to trade, close everything, take some air and get back later or following day. 

Look Ahead: Market is oversold, but every bounce has been short lived, so during volatile periods take trades and don’t hold the bad for too long.

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