Trading Journal

08:32 am: “Futures selloff following CPI numbers as inflation stays hot, which keeps the FED mandate intact to keep raising rates to fight inflation.

08:33 am: “Morning focus on gapping down stocks to see if able to bounce on the first 5-15min on day to fill morning gaps or drift lower into new year lows.

Morning Trades: I started the day looking for an oversold bounce so I ride AAPL AMD and TSLA Calls several times for a great cash flow. Closed the trades a bit too soon, as some trades got more 10x the money, but happy with my gains.

Loss review: I didn’t let any stop hit and managed my risk well, so very happy with the way I’m using my risk management rules.

Key Takeaways: Oversold, can get oversold, BUT don’t buy the highs and sell the lows. After a big extended down move, an oversold bounce was expected, so you build your trading plan based on that, so when time comes, you pull the trigger.

Look Ahead: Today was a great reversal buy day following very oversold conditions, BUT one day will not make the trend. We are still inside a bear market, going into earnings season and no one really knows if inflation peaked or not, so take it day-by-day with an open mind.

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This trading journal is a log of all the options trades made. It is a tool that I use to track my progress and improve my trading strategies over time. I use this information to analyze my trading performance, identify patterns, and improve my decision-making processes. By keeping a trading journal, I can learn from my successes and mistakes, and make better trading decisions in the future. You can use other tools for journal as TraderSync , Tradervue or Excel
Content is provided for informational purposes only considering average $1,000 per trade. Comissions already included: $0.60 per contract, per trade. All entries and exits are timestamped realtime via Discord Bot. Traders can have different Entries, Exits, Dollar Amount, Risk management and Comissions.

You can find all my journals on Blog. Past historical data is no guarantee on future returns