08:47 am: “Futures mixed with SP500 green and Nasdaq red following META reports and we still have AAPL AMZN today after hours, so manage risk wisely. 

08:48 am: “Morning focus on SPY IWM if it holds yesterday lows or we have a bigger fade into key levels OR stay inside yesterday’s high/low range. AMD NVDA also on watch to see if it holds the morning green OR fades from morning highs.

Morning Trades: I started the day looking for NFLX Calls but I got stopped and messed up the trade as I flipped short and stopped again, so started on the wrong foot. When the market stalled, I shorted IWM with P180 for +100% gains and GOOGL PUTs ride for +120% which gave me the cash flow for the day and done. 

Loss review: I took some losses on NFLX as the initial plan was to go long but I got stopped and started doubting the initial plan so flipped short and got stopped as NFLX resumed up following my initial plan. It is what it is, but I need to work a bit more on patience and never doubt the initial plan.

Key Takeaways: When you build a trading plan and trade that does go according to your initial plan, you move into sidelines and wait until stocks show conditions to trigger your initial plan.

Look Ahead:  We still have AAPL and AMZN earnings reports and also a FED meeting next week, so I’m staying flexible and open minded by taking trades for now.

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