08:32 am: “Futures green to start the day and give a nice follow through to yesterday squeeze up. IF long, it’s wise to trim gains and raise stops on the way.

08:33 am: “Morning focus on gapping up stocks to see if hold the morning print and squeeze higher OR fade back to fill the morning gaps. AMZN GOOGL TSLA SPY IWM QQQ some on watch.

Morning trades:  Today my focus was to fade AMD IWM and TSLA from red to green. I scalped AMD shorts first thing for great cash flow. IWM tried it early in the morning but it was still strong so I stepped aside and closed. I took TSLA after 9:45am for a big scalp and +500% gains on the red to green move. After 10:30 am, I got back to fade IWM with PUTs going for more than 100% and done for the day.

Time Symbol Contract Avg Entry Avg Exit QTY Pct Gain PnL $
9:30AM AMD Nov 11 $69 Puts $0.65 $1.11 15 71% $672.00
9:32AM IWM Nov 11 $187 Puts $1.50 $1.50 7 0% -$8.40
9:34AM IWM Nov 11 $187 Puts $1.40 $1.35 7 -4% -$43.40
9:37AM TSLA Nov 11 $190 Calls $0.90 $1.11 11 23% $217.80
9:44AM TSLA Nov 11 $190 Calls $0.75 $4.50 13 500% $4,859.40
9:52AM TTWO Nov 11 $100 Calls $0.60 $1.00 17 67% $659.60
10:08AM IWM Nov 11 $187 Puts $0.90 $0.88 11 -2% -$35.20
10:35AM IWM Nov 11 $188 Puts $0.78 $1.70 13 118% $1,180.40
– Content is provided for informational purposes only considering average $1,000 per trade

– Comissions already included: $0.60 per contract, per trade

– All entries and exits are timestamped realtime via Discord Bot

– Traders can have different Entries, Exits, Dollar Amount, Risk management and Comissions

– Past historical data is no guarantee on future returns

Nov 11, 2022 $7,502
Week-To-Date $19,958

Loss review: The first IWM shorts didn’t work, but I closed fast avoiding bigger loss. I gave stock some time and 1hr later rode the wave down for nice gains.

Key Takeaways: Build your daily trading plan and trade that plan. If you are too soon, step aside, let price run and you can always re-enter later at better prices.

Look Ahead: These last 2 days’ moves were pretty much insane so a pause to consolidate would be healthy. Next week, we have monthly options expiration, so go with an open mind.

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