Trading Journal

08:43 am: “Futures green to start the week and ahead tomorrow CPI numbers. Everyone is waiting for CPI numbers in order to try to anticipate next week’s FED decision if 50 or 75 bp rate hike, so risk management suggests reducing risk going into these events and that’s what I’m doing.”

08:44 am: “Morning focus on most big tech names gapping up, so looking for opening prints if it will hold and squeeze higher OR fades to fill this morning gap. AAPL AMZN MSFT, Semis and TSLA looking for possible signs to measure bull/bear strength.”

Morning Trades:  I started with AMD Calls looking for red to green moves but when I saw it stalled, I closed AMD and flipped into IWM short for some cash flow. After that I played the AMD scalp long from 8MA but as stock failed at 85s, I closed and loaded back on IWM shorts and also META shorts as stock was getting too extended. I locked very nice gains on both scalp shorts and locked all my gains as I don’t like to risk trades into binary events as CPI numbers.

Losses review: I was able to manage and close AMD before going for a loss and also IWM short was a nice hedge, so I like the way I handle the trade.

Key Takeaways: When a move is getting extended to the upside and we go into an event, as CPI numbers tomorrow, traders reduce risk and start looking for possible fade or move into the other side. I always cut risk into binary events where anything can happen.

Look Ahead: Market is waiting for CPI numbers in order to try to anticipate next week’s FED decision if 50 or 75 bp rate hike, so I am not “flipping coins” to try to anticipate where market is going next. We had a nice 3-4 day bounce but oscillators are not overbought, neither oversold… we are basically Neutral, so it means the market can go either way.

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This trading journal is a log of all the options trades made. It is a tool that I use to track my progress and improve my trading strategies over time. I use this information to analyze my trading performance, identify patterns, and improve my decision-making processes. By keeping a trading journal, I can learn from my successes and mistakes, and make better trading decisions in the future. You can use other tools for journal as TraderSync , Tradervue or Excel
Content is provided for informational purposes only considering average $1,000 per trade. Comissions already included: $0.60 per contract, per trade. All entries and exits are timestamped realtime via Discord Bot. Traders can have different Entries, Exits, Dollar Amount, Risk management and Comissions.

You can find all my journals on Blog. Past historical data is no guarantee on future returns