08:23 am: “Futures slightly green to start the day as we approach OPEX tomorrow and big tech to report earnings next week. Staying flexible and open minded for what may come next.

08:24 am: “Morning focus on TSLA if able to bounce up and fill morning gap OR fades into new 2022 lows which can push the market from green to red. SPY IWM QQQ AMZN some names on watch this morning.

Morning Trades: I started the day fading IWM with some shorts where I locked gains and then flipped to TSLA longs for a gap filling higher and that’s where I got most of my today gains. I tried to fade GOOGL but not much follow through so I closed flat.

Loss review: I closed first IWM short fast and avoided loss, so I’m happy with risk management.

Key Takeaways: Staying flexible on volatile markets and taking trades is the best way to protect trading accounts. 

Look Ahead: Several mixed signals into tomorrow’s OPEX with yields going up but volatility fading a bit which can help fuel a short squeeze up if the market holds today’s lows. Keeping open minded for now.

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