08:29 am: “Futures red giving a nice follow through to our yesterday shorts after 2:30pm, so congrats shorts. Very volatile and low liquid market can bring big moves up/down, so manage risk wisely.

08:30 am: “Morning focus on gapping down stocks to see if bounce to fill the morning gaps OR fades into new weekly lows. SPY IWM QQQ AAPL TSLA NVDA some names to watch.

Morning Trades: I started the day fading TSLA but got squeezed and I stepped aside. I flipped AMZN NFLX scalps for nice gains. Also got IWM Calls for the bounce on nice gains. I kept fading TSLA and at 11am was able to get some nice cash flow on short and done.

Loss review: I took some losses on TSLA but I closed shorts fast, so that helped to avoid a bigger loss. Later in the morning, the TSLA short gave me back all my money back and more so I’m happy with risk management.

Key Takeaways: Trading requires traders to be patient and flexible, so when trade goes against you, step aside and you can always re-enter later at better prices.

Look Ahead: Tomorrow we are going to have job numbers and also next week CPI numbers, so market participants waiting for those reports to try anticipate FED pivot. Until then, staying flexible, open minded and taking trades.

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