08:40 am: “Futures green after yesterday’s end of day short covering from lows. Now we see if stocks hold up the green and resume higher going into Thanksgiving next week OR we see some more profit taking.

08:41 am: “Morning focus on SPY IWM QQQ NVDA GOOGL TSLA to see if able to hold morning print and resume up OR fade staying inside yesterday range.

Morning trades:  I started the day fading IWM with PUTs and long GOOGL Calls for nice cash flow in the first minutes. After 10am, I got some META AMZN for nice cash flow. After 10:45am, I faded IWM with PUT scalp for nice cash flow and done. 

Time Symbol Contract Avg Entry Avg Exit QTY Pct Gain PnL $
9:31AM IWM Nov 18 $185 Puts $1.05 $1.70 10 62% $638.00
9:35AM GOOGL Nov 18 $99 Calls $0.18 $0.45 56 150% $1,444.80
10:01AM META Nov 18 $110 Puts $0.17 $0.28 59 65% $578.20
10:10AM AMZN Nov 18 $94 Calls $0.72 $1.00 14 39% $375.20
10:17AM NVDA Nov 18 $157.5 Calls $0.58 $0.60 17 3% $13.60
10:37AM NVDA Nov 18 $157.5 Call $0.45 $0.38 22 -16% -$180.40
10:45AM AMZN Nov 18 $94.5 Puts $0.80 $1.00 13 25% $244.40
10:48AM IWM Nov 18 $184 Puts $0.60 $1.00 17 67% $659.60
– Content is provided for informational purposes only considering average $1,000 per trade

– Comissions already included: $0.60 per contract, per trade

– All entries and exits are timestamped realtime via Discord Bot

– Traders can have different Entries, Exits, Dollar Amount, Risk management and Comissions

– Past historical data is no guarantee on future returns

Nov 18, 2022 $3,773
Week-To-Date $19,178

Loss review: I took a loss on NVDA but that’s part of trading. I cut the losses fast, so I’m ok with that.

Key Takeaways: On monthly options expiration day, you try to generate cash flow on the first 1-2 hrs of the day and get back into cash as time decay kills premium fast.

Look Ahead: Next week, it’s a short trading week with only 4 days due Thanksgiving on Thursday, so although seasonality says the market can see further upside, I’m staying open minded for what may come next.

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